Concerned about fate of representative government


Warning: your rain barrels are a code violation!

Welcome to the world of trying to do what the City of Delaware pays someone to encourage only to require it all to go in a couple weeks. This City government is led by an echo by no longer rotating Mayor. This is even ok when the City is at her beck and call and it is obvious it is not for this citizen. I suspect, I am not the first or the last. The form of government has changed. The City manager was second in line for the regional planning position. While that sounds good, we used to do better when Delaware was not run by committee or global political correctness. The management has created the position to encourage rain barrels and another requiring them to be removed. Gardening is now looking like a code violation. Anyway you slice it, you pay for sidewalks to be replaced that are still good (options that make sense are discouraged) and more money for roads that we used to be able to afford. Government by committee and respect for taxpayers is gone. Ignore what government says and look behind the curtain and see the “green pacts” and seizing homes for bike trails. Look at what is done and not what is said. Representative government is now gone. Now is the time to find people who have respect for taxpayers and fee payers. Delaware used to be about fiscal restraint. My rain barrels predate all of the politically correct games.

W.J. Graves,


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