Wants new tax code


I was amused reading the recent editorial pontificating about the GOP tax reform bill currently being debated in Congress. Amusing because I heard a prominent Democrat once say in public, “We have to first pass the bill then we will know what is in it.” I was amused because many do not think the proposed bill, as written, gives enough tax relief to those who don’t pay taxes anyway.

Let’s be honest. No matter what bill the GOP comes up with the Democrats will espouse that it doesn’t provide enough tax relief to those who pay no taxes. Don’t ask me to explain that because I am confused that those who pay no taxes somehow should pay less taxes.

The only answer is a flat tax. What could be fairer than no deductions period. This means individuals, corporations, businesses, everyone no exceptions would pay the same percentage of taxes. Say 10 percent of whatever you earn. Everyone pays something for the privilege of living in a great country. Before you say no, get out your tax return from last year and apply the 10 percent formula. Chances are you would have paid less federal tax.

Some are complaining that the proposed tax bill will increase the national debt by one trillion dollars over the next decade. The past administration doubled the national debt in just eight years and no one complained. The Congressional Budget Office comes up with these figures. Has the CBO ever come close to coming up the actual cost of anything? That office should be disbanded immediately. It is an excellent example of government waste of taxpayer money.

I don’t hate the rich and I don’t pity the poor. I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he makes and continue to make even more. If it ticks you off, go and invent the next operating system that’s better. If you don’t take education seriously, develop a dependable work ethic, and know that you have to make your own way in this world or you will most likely end up on some government program. We do not owe you free college, a new car, government housing, swimming pool, or bank account. If you want those, get a job, save, prioritize spending, and when you are in your senior years you will most likely have what you think you need at age 20.

We as a nation have no problem caring for those who cannot take care of themselves. That is why our country is great. But using a tax code to punish those who work hard, those who have taken risk and became successful is just wrong. Those who can care for themselves should be contributing taxes just like the rest of us. Taxing the one percent into oblivion does not expand businesses, hire more workers, lower the unemployment rate or bring companies and their money back to America.

The Democrats have to come to the realization — they lost. Now is the time to get on board and help, not obstruct.

Christopher Acker,


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