Delaware County Property Transfers


3842 Southbury Drive, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC to Keselica, Emil; $447,165.

3845 Southbury Drive, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC to Fletcher, John S. & Debra L.; $406,615.

5712 Seminole Way, Westerville; Ruwe, Erin K. & Jerome to Goodwin, Joshua A. & Meredith L.; $392,500.

1350 Wingate Drive, Delaware; Morr, Jeanne L. Trustee to Saghy, Kevin & Stephanie; $740,000.

49 Whistling Way Drive, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Isgro, Vittoria; $401,729.

7429 Burson Springs Court, Westerville; Lamb, Darren L. & Holly R. to Tubbs, Lisa M.; $250,000.

8007 Summitpoint Place, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Carson, Frank B. & Meloday A.; $380,360.

3823 Southbury Drive, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC to Hermann, Neal T. & Patricia A.; $380,025.

7822 Big Walnut Road, Westerville; Lifeline Christian Mission to Schwanekamp, Christopher A. & Jamie L.; $185,000.

352 Ben Curtis Drive, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc. to McIntyre, Ronald E. & Jodelle E.; $378,724.

218 Long Trail, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc. to Rippel, Dennis C. & Lori J.; $346,422.

378 Wheatfield Drive, Delaware; Dulin, Andrew R. & Wilson, Jessica J. to AH4R Properties LLC; $216,000.

159 Lofton Circle, Delaware; Rose, Bernard Lee Jr. & Elizabeth Anne Martin to AH4R Properties LLC; $209,299.

26 Fieldcrest Drive, Delaware; Allender, Daniel M. & Anna L. to AH4R Properties LLC; $200,299.

5309 Lynbrook Lane, Westerville; Dieker, John K. & Deborah L. Trustees to Kurtz, Kimberly A. & Andrew J.; $540,000.

1199 Wedgewood Terrace, Westerville; Tyler, Francis S. & Alice H. to Laroche, Michael J. & Gia M.; $296,500.

520 Eagle Walk Road, Delaware; Swartzlander, Tyler D. & Alaina M. to Turner, Richard E. II & Robin L.; $330,000.

2741 Horseshoe Road, Delaware; Trinity Home Builders LLC to Allender, Anna L. & Daniel M.; $299,200.

125 Bevan Way, Delaware; Homewood Building Comapany LLC to Earl, Maryann I. & Robert Dean; $284,019.

162 Valley Run Drive, Powell; Morgan, Debbie A. Trustee to Huang, Deren & Zhou, Yihua; $483,000.

9192 Addington Place, Powell; Young, Marya C. to Walker, Brandon M. & Allyson S.; $380,000.

4209 US Highway 23, Delaware; Cole, Jessica A. to Three Situation LLC; $32,000.

137 Ravines Way, Westerville; Zenios, M. Zenios to Marque, David H.; $246,900.

258 McNamara Loop, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc.; $61,800.

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