Richwood Bank coffee shops hit $100K donation milestone


Supporting community has remained a substantial focus for Richwood Bank and its latest support endeavor, Richwood Coffee, supports this goal.

According to a press release from the bank, in a little over two years, Richwood Coffee has served up enough “Thank You” drinks to raise more than $100,000 in donations that benefit their community partners. More than 35,000 hot and cold drinks have been served up as a reward for community donation. This new threshold of giving marks an important milestone for this unique venture.

“With three caffeinated branches located in Richwood, Marysville and Delaware, Richwood Coffee shops directly benefit the communities in which they are located,” the press release reads. “Richwood Bank customers and non-customers can come to the bank lobby and donate to one or more of Richwood Bank’s 20 community non-profit partners. In return, they receive a gift card of ‘thank you’ drinks that match their donation giving tiered level. When a visitor receives a delicious drink, Richwood Bank’s partners receive 100 percent of the donation to direct towards its intended purpose agreed upon for the funds to help improve the lives of others.“

According to the press release, Richwood Coffee’s donation-based model helps nonprofit partners within Delaware and Union counties who have an existing banking relationship with the bank. Richwood Bank also contributes to more than 160 local efforts within their three-county foot print as well as encourages their team to volunteer at events. In 2017, Richwood employees collectively served on 58 boards and committees as well as volunteered more than 2,600 hours within the communities they serve.

“With Richwood Coffee, the community is invited to participate in Richwood Bank’s dedication to giving back,” the press release reads. “Each cup makes a difference. From iced caramel macchiato lattes to regular black coffee, visitors can customize their drink to suit their taste buds, energy needs, and health preference. And more than just a drink, Richwood Coffee shops are also a welcoming space for community to meet up, work, and relax.“

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