Concerned about DATA service reduction


The Center for Disability Empowerment has learned that the Delaware Area Transit Agency (DATA) is reducing service to the people of Delaware County effective March 1, 2018 due to budget shortages. The Midday Green route is being eliminated as well as Saturday routes and a Wednesday Pink route. The cuts will adversely affect paratransit service as well.

People with disabilities in Delaware County who use DATA to get to work, or to complete daily tasks and important appointments will be without paratransit service with the elimination of the main routes. This will isolate these individuals from community activities and leave them with no alternative transportation, especially for those who use wheelchairs. The elimination of service will create a real hardship for people with disabilities who have been encouraged for many years to live independently in their communities.

We strongly encourage DATA and the Delaware County Commissioners to carefully consider options that can keep routes intact so that Delaware County citizens with disabilities who need Green route transportation to destinations in the county will still have paratransit transportation available to them, even if on a scaled back schedule. A re-thinking of the cuts, if they must happen, could ensure that patrons who depend on paratransit service can still independently access it to reach medical appointments, shopping opportunities and other venues on weekdays and weekends.

The Center for Disability Empowerment is a community-based, non-residential Center for Independent Living that is driven by the choice and direction of people with disabilities. We provide services to people with disabilities in Franklin and Delaware counties.

Sue Hetrick

Executive Director

The Center for Disability Empowerment

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