Pacers shine with Broadway-caliber performance


Wow! We thought we had seen the best when we attended many plays at the Sugden Theatre in Naples, Florida. Good music, fine acting, and adequate costumes and props. Then came a group from Delaware Hayes High School who put on a sensational production of “Shrek the Musical,” directed by Clay Thomson.

With a cast of 42 very talented young people, I still get goosebumps when I think about what I’ve seen and heard.

Ryan Hawkins did a terrific job as “Shrek.” His singing, dancing, and stage presence would rank very high in the world of professional thespians.

In the “pit,” the musicians played timely and accurate music. The lighting highlighted the interesting and appropriate props. I thought I was on Broadway seeing the acting, dancing, listening to the music, and watching so many young people sing and dance.

The “Pacerbill” handed out to every attendee with pictures and bios of the thespian team and the talented directors, was wonderfully put together. The centerfold gave you a snapshot of the many faces of “Shrek the Musical.”

Of particular interest was Lord Farquaad played by Weslee Kunkel. It would be difficult, without some serious surgery to play a part on your knees. Hats off! As I hope you can tell, I was blown away with this production.

Can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.

Chuck Smith


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