I noticed Tony Marconi did not recognize my larger point about the deranged shooter at the baseball game last summer was a Democrat and an avid anti-Trumper. He merely stated he didn’t have time to “respond to everything.” Actually, all of the shootings have been perpetrated by indoctrinated “Leftists.” Not one shooting has ever occurred by an NRA member. That is an incontrovertible fact. The “Left” loves to demonize the NRA, but no other organization does more to promote gun safety and proper usage.

I realize arguing with Mr. Marconi about guns and the Second Amendment is a futile attempt, because he and I have diametrically opposed political views. So, I will close my letter by posing a couple of rhetorical questions to Mr. Marconi since he claims to be an expert on weaponry… What exactly is an assault weapon or rifle? Answer to my own question is, I suppose every weapon could be considered an assault weapon. There are only three purposes for a weapon:

A. To maim

B. To kill

C. To intimidate

I assume Mr. Marconi is referring to the”evil” AR-15. This particular weapon is always a target by the left simply because cosmetically, it looks like a military style M16, but it is nothing more than an accurate, moderate caliber, semi-automatic rifle. And for those who are not aware of the nomenclature, a semi-automatic weapon is one in which when the trigger is pulled, one round is discharged. The AR-15 is not a fully automatic weapon whereby the trigger is pulled and bullets are automatically discharged. Mr. Marconi apparently claims to be a military expert, but he certainly does not understand the difference between semi and automatic weapons. The process to obtain a fully automatic is so arduous and expensive that it is out of the range and scope of the general populace.

Question 2: What would be the result of banning every semi-automatic rifle or handgun? My answer … Unless you have an “old school” revolver, you would be banning almost every gun on the market or in homes. Most guns are semi-automatic.

It never ceases to amaze me the people who shout so vociferously from the rooftops about how much they are proponents of guns and the Second Amendment, yet they actually know very little about what they are talking about.

Your view

Rob Kessler