Children get martial arts lesson


Seniors in the Delaware Area Career Center’s Early Childhood Education program partnered with Tiger Lee Martial Arts to bring a health and wellness lesson to preschool students.

High school students studying early childhood education at DACC are part of a team that runs a preschool, creating curriculum and activities for their preschool students. World Taekwondo Federation (Olympic-style) Certified Master – 5th Degree Black Belt Master Taekyung Lee, volunteered to lead the class through a series of exercises and techniques in order to add to the variety of activities the children are learning.

“Through Tae Kwon Do, students are taught important leadership and communication skills in a fun, active learning environment,” said Lee. “I enjoy any opportunity to spread martial arts and specifically, Taekwondo, the Korean martial arts. I believe strongly in its ability to build confidence, focus, discipline and self-control, and not to mention, the fact that it opens eyes to a new type of sport in this increasingly diverse world. It is my pleasure to share these benefits with the Delaware community. Our martial arts studio in downtown Delaware continually seeks out opportunities to contribute to our community, including self-defense seminars, charity fundraisers and educational demonstrations.”

Jennifer Dale, a senior in the DACC Early Childhood Education program, said she was impressed with how focused the children were. “The martial arts lesson was a great exercise in paying attention, following direction and being active. The kids really seemed to have fun with it.”

Additional activities in the health and wellness series include a lesson in hip hop dancing from DACC Intervention Specialist Alyssa Fickert, and a trip to the Delaware YMCA.

Bia Bright practices her kicking technique with Taekyung Lee Wednesday. Bright practices her kicking technique with Taekyung Lee Wednesday. Alicia Mowry | Delaware Area Career Center

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Information in this story was provided by the Delaware Area Career Center.

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