We hear that Delaware County is the most affluent county in the state. This fact doesn’t tell the whole story. There are 9,034 people living in poverty in Delaware County. This number is double the number of people living in poverty in Morrow and Union counties and higher than counties labeled as “impoverished,” such as Adams, Pike, Jackson and Gallia counties.

SourcePoint has partnered with Grace Clinic Delaware to provide funding that delivers free medical services to our neighbors who are 55 and older, living in poverty, and who have no other access to medical services.

• A clinic patient was a skilled welder, but was jobless and living in his car because he couldn’t afford an eye exam and the prescription bifocals he needed. The patient was seen by an optometrist at Grace Clinic and received his glasses a week later. Two weeks after the exam, he had secured a job as a welder in Delaware.

• A patient came to Grace Clinic who had a heart transplant. An unexpected expense had come up the previous month and the patient could not afford his anti-rejection drug. Grace Clinic covered the cost of the medication, which allowed the patient to not become behind on his housing expenses.

• A patient thought she had hurt her arm moving boxes. A friend suggested she go to Grace Clinic to get it checked out. The physicians assessed her and realized she was having a heart attack. She was lifeflighted to Riverside where she had quadruple-bypass surgery. She returned to the clinic a month later in tears thanking the providers for saving her life.

The benefits to the community are clear with better community health, less contagious sick people in the community, the treatment of minor issues before they become major issues that are harder to treat, helping patients manage chronic illnesses, and freeing up funds for neighbors in need to pay for housing, food, clothing and other necessities.

Grace Clinic Delaware supports the Delaware County Senior Services Levy and hopes to continue to partner with SourcePoint to help our neighbors in need!

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