My husband, Dale, and I first visited SourcePoint in 2012. We liked the enrichment center immediately, but thought we had no use for the “other half” of the organization that provided in-home services.

A year later, Dale, was diagnosed with dementia. I contacted SourcePoint and was assigned a care consultant, who is wonderful! Dale started attending an adult day care program and is now attending three days a week. He loves going, and they keep him busy, engaged and safe. It’s the best place for him. Dale has used volunteer drivers for medical transportation and the Bus Bucks program through Data Bus.

It is so sad to see your spouse of 50 years not be able to communicate or socialize with you like he used to. Dale is still quite the gentleman by opening doors and putting others first. He has the sweetest, most loving spirit about him, and I am thankful for our time together.

I have been attending a monthly caregiver support group at SourcePoint, which has helped so much. Last year, I took a six-week Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop. It was wonderful — everyone should take it. I made a few friends in the class, and we meet Monday mornings for an hour just to talk.

I recently started taking a Brains and Balance class, as well as volunteering at SourcePoint. It feels so good to give back. SourcePoint has been so helpful. I do not know what I’d do without them. I’m blessed.

SourcePoint has given me a new lease on life. I don’t feel as lonely, and I’m strengthened to take one day at a time. SourcePoint has basically saved my life, and I can’t thank them enough.

Vote yes for the Delaware County Senior Services Levy.

Jan Hoover


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