DPS is the forerunner of a group of three unique antique and collectible malls in downtown Delaware. Have you ever wondered: What does DPS stand for? People are always stopping by to ask us about our name, which was once a guarded family secret.

Our provenance began in 1998 by Beverly Conniff and her daughters. DPS opened May 15, 1998, in what was formerly the US Grocery Store.

The “DPS” name was actually a family joke. While amused by the words her husband used to describe her passion for collecting antiques, Beverly only agreed with her daughters to use the name if it were kept secret, thus grew the mystery of the name. Though revealed in 2005 after Beverly’s death, the curiosity has not ended.

Continuing Beverly’s tradition for 20 years, DPS has been a cornerstone of what has become a shopping destination for antique and collectible hunters from near and far away. All the malls combined offer nearly 25,000 square feet of unique offerings with well over a hundred dealers between them. One Brown Jug attendee visiting downtown Delaware last year said, “Visiting Delaware is like winning a trifecta: Great antique/collectible malls, great restaurants, and fantastic harness racing.

A celebration of the 20-year anniversary is open to the public and planned for two days (May 12-13), with refreshments, dealer discounts, sales, and special offers with extended hours.

Still wondering what DPS means? “Dead People’s Stuff,” and in Delaware, it means a fun place to shop.

Judy Burdette


Editor’s note: DPS is owned by Carlene Cutler, Burdette’s daughter.

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