Delaware County home to many talented youngsters


Over the last several years, I have had the wonderful pleasure of being part of the Delaware Arts Festival Scholarship Committee. The purpose of the Delaware Arts Festival is to raise money for Delaware County schools’ art programs and students. The three scholarships we are awarding this year total $20,000. The Arts Festival Association also gave $7,000 in grants this year to Delaware County art teachers.

During the scholarship application process, the students present their work and interview with our committee. Every year, I am amazed to see the exceptional quality of the students’ work and am equally impressed by the poise and preparation the students show during their presentation interviews.

The applicants also provide a statement describing their work. Their ability to articulate their insights and goals is impressive. When I think of all the important matters high school seniors must consider as they approach graduation, their competence and self-awareness is all the more amazing.

The students are mostly from our public schools (20 of 21 applicants this year), so when I hear people disparage our public school system, or more generally, today’s teens, I find myself wishing those critics had the opportunity to see what I see every year.

Our applicants did not develop their considerable skills by themselves. I want to thank and congratulate the parents, the teachers, and the schools that enrich our students! I am proud that we produce such fine, accomplished young people.

Our three 2018 Delaware County Scholarship winners are recognized at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 19 at the Plaza in downtown Delaware. An exhibit of their work is scheduled for June at the Delaware County Library, downtown. During the Festival, May 19-20, the artwork of students from all over the county is exhibited at the library. It is always a wonderful show!

Support and be amazed by our teens, our teachers and our schools. What is more worthy?

Mary Morrison


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