David Winston (June 1) offers an interesting analysis of Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s speculation that Russian meddling altered the 2016 presidential election. In doing so, he ignores the seriousness of Russia’s threat.

Understandably, it’s distressing for Republicans even to consider that the election was unduly influenced by Russian chicanery. Granted, there’s no ultimate proof (yet) that Russian interference changed the election’s actual outcome. Nevertheless, our nation’s intelligence agencies agree that Russia was trying to do just that.

Something this consequential requires hearing arguments that challenge our positions. Clapper’s theories provide our nation with that needed push.

In contrast, Winston’s attempts to dismiss Clapper’s opinion is not just a rebuttal of Clapper, it becomes a denial that any such nefarious influence happened at all. Given the seriousness of Russia’s intention, and the reality of their ongoing attempts to undermine our electoral process, Winston is hiding his head in the sand.

Honest elections are a cornerstone of our democracy and nation’s greatness. We dare not ignore, as Winston wants to do, the obvious dangers of Russia’s continuing evil intentions.

William A. McCartney


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