Who is the most famous person who ever lived in the history of the world? Elvis? Adolf Hitler? Stalin? Michael Jordan? Michael Jackson? Muhammad? A Beatle? Barack Obama? Donald Trump?

The answer: Jesus (even Google agrees).

Jesus made some predictions that are recorded in the Bible. At the time he made these predictions, he was not the most famous person ever, he was the son of a carpenter and an itinerant preacher. He was thrown out of his hometown. He was one of many people at the time who thought they were the Messiah (Savior of Israel). No one remembers the other wannabe messiahs.

One of the predictions that Jesus made was that heaven and earth would pass away, but that His words would never pass away. Now, when we think about this statement, it reveals that Jesus thought his words were more important than heaven and earth and would outlast them. Only the words of God are greater than the universe. So, Jesus thought he was God.

When people think they are God, we think they are crazy.

Jesus made another prediction that the good news of salvation through the Cross and Resurrection would be proclaimed in every nation of the world.

This has come true in our lifetime. An outlandish prophecy by Jesus is happening right before our eyes.

Jesus predicted that the growth of Christianity could not be stopped and that it would reach every nation and culture. Christianity is thriving all around the world in places where people thought that it would never reach: China, India, Africa, South America and even in Islamic nations. Despite the efforts of the Roman Empire, Christianity grew from a motley crew into a grassroots movement that could not be contained. Throughout history, Christianity and the Bible have come under persecution and efforts to have been made to eradicate them from different cultures. These efforts have all come to nothing, and the good news keeps being proclaimed as Jesus said it would.

There are Christian mission groups that are specifically working to reach every isolated and unreached people group with the message of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jesus really is God. He was not crazy. He is the Messiah, not just the Savior of Israel but of the whole world. The predictions of Jesus could not have been made by the average carpenter wannabe messiah. The reason that Jesus is the most famous person who ever lived and his crazy predictions about the future have come true, is because, He is God!

Get a Bible (most published and read book ever by a landslide). Read about Jesus for yourself.


Your Pastor Speaks

Dr. Bob Swanger, pastor of the River Church in a Barn, has been married for 34 years has 13 children — six natural, three adopted (Russia, Colombia and Marion) and four foster — and six grandchildren (soon to be eight). He is a Stage-4 Melanoma cancer survivor.