I respond respectfully to long-time coal lobbyist and now Republican National Committee Co-chair Bob Paduchik’s rather prominently placed editorial in The Delaware Gazette on July 31, 2018, “O’Connor is liberal in moderate clothing.” Despite his many misrepresentations and false facts against Danny O’Connor, I found his headline slogan to be a curious endorsement of Danny O’Connor.

Imagine this, indeed: A liberal dressed in moderate clothing! Or imagine this: A conservative dressed in moderate clothing! So many images of moderate/centrist servant leaders come to mind, both liberal and conservative: Abraham Lincoln; Teddy Roosevelt; Dwight Eisenhower; John Kasich; John Glenn; Debbie Martin; David Hejmanowski; Duncan Whitney; Henry Shaw; Joan Lawrence; Russ Martin; Carolyn Riggle; Jon Pederson; and now Danny O’Connor!

For more than 50 years, I have worked under, studied under, and/or voted for a wide variety of rather conservative politicians and pundits who dressed in moderate clothing. These include Mitt Romney’s father George Romney, my beloved professor George Will, and our governor George Voinovich. I honor all such centrist civic leaders because I hold principle above politics, and public service above petty partisanship. And this is exactly why I am joining so many other central/centrist Ohioans who are Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, conservatives, moderates, and liberals together, in voting for the pragmatic, practical, principled centrist moderate, Danny O’Connor.

Rev. Jon R. Powers


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