6408 Sea Dr, Lewis Center; Siciliano, Nicholas A & Analisa D To: Forbes, Lindsey & Brandon; $503,000.

109 W William St, Delaware; Sheets, Mary Kathryn To: Shri Inc; $135,000.

7261 Saddlewood Dr, Westerville; Cerny, Aimee L To: Antill, Greg & Paige; $314,900.

2044 Scenic Bluff Ct, Delaware; Bob Webb Liberty Bluff LLC To: Passerini, David & Jolly, Heather M; $175,000.

6047 Tournament Dr, Westerville; Grimm, Richard Anthony Trustee To: Vasselo, Anthony J & Kristine G; $437,000.

503 Timbersmith Dr, Delaware; Holt, Dustin J To: Watts, Kimberly; $202,500.

5205 Willow Valley Way, Powell; Shurte, Matthew R Amisha To: Daray, Abdelaziz; $365,000.

728 Cheshire Rd, Sunbury; Werner, Jennifer L To: Scafaria, Dominic G; $215,000.

358 Western Dreamer Dr, Delaware; Wingert, Stephen M To: Patrick, Darren & Cox Stacie M; $194,000.

Plowington Dr, Delaware; 3 M & M S Ventures LLC To: Carson Farms Association Inc; $2,500.

453 Clifden Ct, Sunbury; Hall, Kelley To: Duncan, Dena; $265,000.

452 N Sandusky St, Delaware; Viola Family Trust To: Illig, Maria A & Jon G; $228,000.

1135 Amaranthus Dr, Powell; Noel, Brian J & Stephanie D To: Sebert, Todd S & Tina L; $498,000.

500 Boulder Dr, Delaware; Jumper, Gene A To: Rb Properties Of Delaware LLC; $145,000.

Dustin Rd, Galena; Sherwin, Ralph F Gretchend Co Trustees To: Dustin Road 23 Holding LLC; $250,000.

699 Wallace Dr, Delaware; Nvr Inc To: Burkman, Gary L & Kim D; $302,050.

331 Ridgefield Dr, Delaware; Nvr Inc To: Roark, Patricia Lorene & Frazier, Bruce Clayton; $241,865.

972 Balmoral Dr, Delaware; Glenross North LLC To: Nvr Inc; $84,475.

7698 Talavera Dr, Galena; Nvr Inc To: Yahner, Alan M & Van Atta Vanessa L; $431,894.

403 Melick Dr, Delaware; Nvr Inc To: James, Mark S Jr & Stephanie R; $460,470.

841 Blackmore Dr, Delaware; Nvr Inc To: Davies, William J & Michelle G; $375,915.

620 Mill Stone Ct, Sunbury; Jaynes, Brianne N & Eric S To: Justice, David D & Amy M; $255,000.

5919 N County Line Rd, Centerburg; Lazarrus, Kandyce J & Stephan F To: Lillie, Pamula Ann Trustee; $189,900.

389 Rockmill St, Delaware; Detterman, Melody L & Monte To: Bourquin, Adam; $243,500.

3182 Arctic Ave, Lewis Center; Ford, James A Jr To: The Summit Housing Development Corporation; $305,000.

7959 Coldwater Dr, Powell; Desantis, Fernando & Freideriki To: Patel, Naresh C & Saroj N; $555,000.

8510 Orion Pl, Columbus; Polaris Bfs LLC To: Agree Columbus Oh LLC; $1,600,000.

791 Odevene Way, Delaware; Longo, John T & Jenni R To: Haislar, Anthony F & Amanda; $330,000.

3843 Woodbury Lndg, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC To: Binkowski, Larry A & Patricia A; $583,655.

State Route 37, Ostrander; Reed, Nicholas L & Margaret Ann To: Kirkman, Scott; $40,000.

402 Red Stag Rd, Delaware; Cook, Jocelyn M & Gregory To: Gunda, Vinay Kumar & Vasa Divya; $328,000.

S Section Line Rd, Delaware; Scioto Ridge Crossing LLC To: MI Homes of Central Ohio Llc; $378,000.

3139 Avonlea Way, Lewis Center; Radkoski, Bradley D & Lindsay J To: Gruskiewicz, Donna & Michael; $385,000.

6853 Sunbury Rd, Westerville; Smith, James H & Fox-Smith, Angelina L To: Nunner, James & Deborah; $875,000.

389 Ashford Dr, Westerville; A. J. W. & E. P. To: Lestini, Natalie Ann; $316,500.

Woodtown Rd, Galena; Mora, Onias Emilio Righi To: Stahl, Roger & Catherine; $165,000.

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