‘Voting yes for the library levy is a no-brainer’


Given all the political turmoil as election day approaches, I want to make sure we do not overlook a local issue of tremendous importance to our quality of life here in Delaware County. I refer to the Delaware County District Library levy. It is a renewal and so will result in no increased taxes. However, it covers 66 percent of the budget for the Main, Orange, Ostrander and Powell branches, plus the Community & Family Outreach Services Department, which operates the Bookmobile.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a famous love sonnet that begins, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.”

I love our libraries because:

• They are free and open to all, hence the motto “Your Library.”

• I saved $877.62 last year checking out books instead of buying them.

• In partnership with many libraries, endless books can be accessed.

• There is a multiple copies section that my book club often chooses.

• There are delightful programs geared to tots, kids, teens and adults.

• Summer Reading Club awards free books when children read for just 12 hours.

• The staff is knowledgeable and unfailingly helpful and kind.

• As a friend and volunteer, I am aware of how many folks visit regularly.

• Tutors and students are often working together.

• Copies of numerous daily newspapers are available.

• There are lots of magazines and comfortable chairs.

• Plenty of recorded books on CDs.

• Let me not forget DVDs.

• As for computers, I know little, but there are lots of them as well as books you can download, movies you can stream, hot spots and more.

As a retired teacher, I love it that learning and the life of the mind are encouraged. When my own kids were young, they had a favorite saying that I think fits very well here: “Voting yes for the library levy is a no-brainer!”

Colleen J. Huckabee


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