Former trustee weighs in on Delaware Township levy


Delaware Township residents, your township trustees — Van Sickle, Omeroid and Hennessey — are at it again. In a time of trade tariffs, rising interest rates, and political unrest, these guys, in spite of the residents voting no last May on a proposed road levy, have put it back on for Nov. 6.

Remember your township is at least three times over capitalized and now has $1.1 million in cash on hand. Having only 11 miles of road and no identifiable project that the township would have to pay for by itself, it really appears absurd to further in debt the residents.

Also keep in mind if it indeed passes, these guys get “raises.” Ohio law allows them to pay themselves more by increasing the township budget, which this levy will do.

Please join me in voting “no” for the proposed road levy Nov. 6.

Steve Jefferis

Former Delaware Township trustee

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