Liberty Twp. pays off tax anticipation note


In a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday, the Liberty Township Board of Trustees authorized the movement of monies, the closing of a fund and several expenditures: $30,000 for legal fees, $7,728 for software subscription fees, $2,400 for an electrical box, up to $8,000 to repair ADA ramps, and $55,067 for a playground safety surface.

Also during the meeting, Fiscal Officer Nancy Denutte requested permission to transfer the remaining balance of $269.51 from the Fire Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) bond fund back into the fire fund.

“It’s done. It’s all paid,” she said. “It’s going back to fire.”

Denutte then requested permission to close the TAN bond fund.

“I want permission to close it even though I won’t be closing it until the end of the year,” Denutte said.

It was noted the township has made the final payment to First Commonwealth Bank, completing its obligation to pay back the TAN it had borrowed to meet financial obligations to the fire department after the failure of the 2012 fire levy. The final payment of $1,009,900 was made to the bank in September.

Denutte told trustees that they were amending the 2018 appropriations to help cover legal expenditures, ADA ramp repairs, and to resurface a playground.

“We’re amending the appropriations. We need to cover legal,” Denutte said. “We’re going to add $20,000 for legal. We added money for playground under the same amendment, and we added for the ADA (sidewalk ramps) for Wedgewood —we added $1,000.85.”

Township Administrator Matt Huffman explained the reason for the need of private legal counsel.

“It’s necessary for the township to utilize legal counsel with expertise in human resources, collective bargaining contract issues and negotiations,” Huffman read from the resolution authorizing the funds. “We’ll be going into negotiations with the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3754). This money will help with that. We’re hoping it’s higher than what we’ll need.”

Huffman went on to present a resolution for an upgrade to management software used by the fire department. He said the department currently uses the Emergency Reporting System to record and manage the department’s operations.

“It’s necessary to renew this subscription to continue to provide efficient and reliable services,” he said.

Huffman said it’s believed that when Sawmill Parkway was constructed, the electrical wiring to the Liberty Township entrance sign was cut. The sign had no power to light at night.

“AEP will have to run electric from the east side of the road to the west side of the road,” he said. “That’s where the box will go, and the electrician will hook into.”

Trustees approved $2,400 payable to Sellers Electric Company of Delaware for materials and labor.

Huffman presented a proposal to authorize an expenditure not to exceed $8,000.85 from the road department funds to Decker Construction Company of Columbus, which won the bid to repair ADA sidewalk ramps. Trustees approved the resolution for the expenditure.

Trustees were presented with a resolution to resurface Every Kid’s Playground in Liberty Park at a cost of $55,067.

“In order to ensure the safety of those that use Every Kid’s Playground in Liberty Park, it’s necessary to reapply the safety surface,” Huffman said. “(It is) paid to a company that is a Liberty Township company. They are located here in the township.”

According to a representative from SYNPlay Premium, Powell, “They’re going to put the artificial turf in just like they use on athletic fields.

‘They are now using it on playgrounds and what-not,” he said from the back of the room. “It’s supposed to be the newest thing out there. It has the same fall rating, better warranty — things like that.”

By D. Anthony Botkin

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