‘Hillary’s 2020 campaign is fake news’


Last Friday, the Gazette published its third cartoon of one month concerning Hillary Clinton’s political plans. No evidence supports the cartoon’s premise that Mrs. Clinton contemplates a 2020 Presidential campaign. The Republican Party’s joy at the thought of Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States in 2020 is a forgivable obsession and delusion. Current political issues pose real problems for Delaware’s citizens.

These cartoons treating a fanciful issue are startlingly repetitive. Donald Trump still pumps up his die-hard supporters with “Lock her up,” but America has moved on. Your Oct. 20 issue published the first cartoon. It shows a shabby Hillary Clinton toting a pitchfork. She chases after a “mob” armed with pitchforks and torches. She tries to become mob leader, but she can’t catch up (“Wait for me!!”). We recently viewed photographs of American mobs with weapons and torches in political action, but they are skin-head, right-wing, Nazi-banner-carrying Charlottesville marchers. The radical right bigot charged with murdering a marcher is on trial this week.

The comic point of the (second) Nov. 5 cartoon — featuring a donkey on a ledge — suggests that “there is a chance” that Clinton won’t run again for national office. Friday’s cartoon again suggests that Mrs. Clinton is actively seeking the 2020 nomination. This lame thought again bravely addresses a non-existent issue. Mrs. Clinton, this past May, publicly said she would not run again. Hillary’s 2020 campaign is fake news. Donald’s “permanent campaign” filed on Inauguration Day for the 2020 election. So, if you want to mock an early-bird running for office, your target is clear.

Donald Lateiner


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