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As longtime readers have surely seen in this column before, the Delaware County District Library holds our volunteers in the highest regard. Volunteers help complete day-to-day tasks around the library, participate in the Friends of the Library through book sales and author events, and help make critical decisions to govern the library.

Yes, the library’s seven-member board of trustees, appointed by the Delaware County Board of Commissioners and the judges of the Delaware County Common Pleas Court, serve as volunteers without compensation. These individuals serve a seven-year term and are charged with setting library policy, supervising the director and fiscal officer, approving the library’s budget and financial practices, and creating strategic plans.

The trustees come from various backgrounds and hold diverse skill sets. Some have worked in libraries, others in law, and much beyond. No matter their background, they hold one common ground – to govern the library and faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of trustee of the library to the best of their abilities. These words are part of an oath each trustee takes at the beginning of their term.

Currently, the Delaware County District Library Board of Trustees has one vacancy, and applications are currently being accepted. This seat is appointed by the judges of the common pleas court and will complete an unfulfilled term by former trustees Denise Martin and Lori Saviers. The term has only 10 months remaining and will be completed on Dec. 31. At that time, the trustee may appeal to the judges for a second seven-year term.

All board of trustees meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 5 p.m., and they last approximately one hour. They rotate between Delaware library locations and are open to the public. Any interested applicants may submit a letter of interest and resume to Library Director George Needham by Friday, March 8. The judges will make a decision soon and would like many applicants to consider. Current information on the DCDL Board of Trustees can be found at

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By Nicole Fowles

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