Turning the big 65


After all the great things over the years that I looked forward to, turning 16 and getting my driver’s license was the first. That was followed by owning my first car, turning 18 and being allowed to buy 3.2 percent beer. This was followed by buying my first new car, closely followed by turning 21 and being allowed to buy 6 percent beer at the liquor store.

Buying my first Corvette came next. It’s funny how, in a few years, your priorities can change. At age 24, your car insurance cost is supposed to drop. After all the fun years and excitement of being able to enjoy the crazy years of growing up, life can give you a fast and hard dose of reality, like buying a more sensible car.

Now you are a responsible adult with a kid’s heart. I sometimes think I was old before my time. I have to say I have been very fortunate. I always had a very good job. My father had taught me good work ethics. I have been able to travel across most of this country and a few foreign countries, as well. It was nice in the foreign countries back then. They still loved Americans. It is hard to explain how fortunate my life has been.

Last month I turned 65. With that, all these insurance questions come up. What is right for me? I was contacted by seemingly hundreds of insurance companies daily, either by mail, by phone, and, I think, by carrier pigeons. Public Employees Retirement System has a good advocate to help you go through all the stress. It was helpful and took some of the stress away. Now back to reality.

I am 65 and have to visit my general practitioner, and I also have a sleep doctor with several visits and tests, even a CPAC machine.

Now I have sinus trouble and have to see a nose and throat specialist. More visits and spraying stuff up my nose and almost drowning. I’m having trouble with my feet and hip, so had to visit the foot doctor several times. My new shoes with inserts are beginning to help. Not to mention how much my insurance is not covering.

I have to say I have been looking forward to cutting back. I own a small business and have cut back some, but do not plan on stopping soon. I am very fortunate to have a much younger wife, and she is not yet ready to retire. I have not become comfortably or independently wealthy. So, I need to work to keep my mind from going crazy. So far, turning 65 has been an adventure. I am getting to know every doctor in Delaware County.

Life goes on. What is next? Any suggestions? I hope you are all well and have peace that fills your hearts.

Oh, shoot, now I need to call the dermatologist.


By Loren Pool

Contributing columnist

Loren Pool is a retired Delaware County deputy sheriff.

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