DCDL set to offer new Launchpads


A few years ago, the Delaware County District Library introduced Playaway Launchpads to all our branch children’s areas. These high-endurance tablets are designed just for kids and are preloaded with high-quality, ad-free apps that are both fun and educational. Beginning the week after Easter, the Playaway Launchpads will be made available at all locations for patrons to check out and take home. Our technology manager has ordered 40 of these to begin circulation, and throughout the remainder of 2019, another 30 will be added.

Apps are grouped onto each tablet by subject area, theme, grade level and age, making it easy for parents and kids to choose a tablet with the content most appealing to them. Every Launchpad is 100% secure, providing hours of interactive learning and play without the risk of exposure to unintended content.

Parents will love the preloaded content within a durable, protective cover. Of course, all Launchpads are ready to go once they have been checked out. No connectivity or downloading is required for use — perfect for road trips.

Kids will love the variety of options they will have to choose from. Tablet themes include princes and princesses, dinosaurs, fairy tales, and more. It will even make strengthening subject areas like science and math fun and easy.

If you’re looking for other new recommendations for your young readers, look no further than these titles. These are great for kids in elementary school, ages 8-11.

• “Watch Hollow” by Gregory Funaro. With their father’s clock shop failing, Oliver and Lucy Tinker know that their family has no choice but to accept a very strange offer: move to Blackford House in Watch Hollow so that their dad can fix its gigantic – and possibly supernatural – cuckoo clock.

• “Lety Out Loud’ by Angela Cervantes. Almost-sixth-grader Lety Munoz is eager to become the “shelter scribe” at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter, writing profiles for each of the animals (and improving her English while she’s at it). The only problem? Grouchy classmate Hunter wants the job, too.

• “Eventown” by Corey Ann Haydu. Elodee and her family have just moved to Eventown, where it’s always sunny, the air tastes like blueberries, and everyone is perfectly content… everyone that is, except Elodee. This suspenseful, buttersweet story will reveal the lies beneath Eventown’s polished perfection, and what drew the family to move there.

• “The Lost Girl” by Anne Ursu. After identical twins Iris and Lark are separated at school for the first time, protective, practical Iris can’t stop worrying about her shy, dreamy sister. Though it’s set in the real world, it offers a unique blend of mystery, fantasy and adventure.


By Nicole Fowles

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