Vegetables for both humans, dogs


A recent article in a pet magazine reported the benefits of feeding vegetables to your pets. The common dry pet food diet seems to be lacking fresh nutrients.

This advice is wise and well researched. Vegetables are important for a balanced diet to keep the body in the best of health.

I love my animals, but does anyone else see the irony of purchasing vegetables for my dogs, which the humans around my dinner table are reluctant to eat? There is one person in particular who will consume the obligatory two bites of a vegetable and offer the rest to the dogs.

Scientists are now telling us that feeding Fido peas under the table is healthy for them. Arghhh!! Research like that will not increase vegetable consumption in humans.

I would love to convince someone special that vegetables are vital to good health. Besides the value of increased fiber and fluid from vegetables, they have vitamins and minerals not found anywhere else in nature except in a manmade multivitamin tablet.

Green beans are the superpower of veggies for dogs. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and K. Valuable minerals found in green beans include calcium, copper and potassium, to name a few. Green beans are the superpower of veggies for humans as well. They can be served frozen, canned, cooked or raw. It is hard to convince my human that a superfood for the dog is beneficial for them, too.

Popeye probably fed spinach to his dog also. Spinach is loaded with iron and fends off inflammatory and cardiovascular issues, as well as, cancer in canines. With the high rate of cancer in dogs, my dogs should be consuming spinach daily. Try to convince a certain human to eat spinach daily, impossible.

Whenever I cook sweet potatoes, the other human in my house turns his nose up, but doggie noses are right next to my elbows, praying that I drop a few morsels. The pups love sweet potatoes, which are loaded with vitamins E, A, B6, and C.

Brussel sprouts are iffy in my house. I can eat them like donut holes, popping them in my mouth one at a time. The other human and the dogs avoid them. Too bad for them, because those little mini cabbage-like vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

I would like to feed my pups asparagus, but this vegetable is just too expensive to give to the dogs. Asparagus is listed as one of the healthier vegetables for humans and pets. This is one vegetable that the other human will consume, and I’m happy about it.

Two of the three dogs living in my house like cucumber and celery. If I cover them with peanut butter, the one refuser will forget that they don’t eat them and gobble them down. The human licks the peanut butter and leaves the vegetables.

Carrots are the ultimate treat for my pups. Wish I could say the same for my favorite human.


Bobbie Randall

Contributing columnist

Bobbie Randall is a registered, licensed dietitian, certified diabetes educator in Wooster, Ohio. Contact her at [email protected].

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