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The Delaware County Fair is Sept. 14-21 this year, and now is the time to think about what you will be entering in the quilt exhibit and competition, Division 301 — Quilting.

This exhibit will be displayed in the Arts and Crafts Building, which is open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

There are three main categories (Bed, Lap and Miscellaneous Quilts) with 21 sub-categories to enter, including a special sub-category called Veterans Quilts. These quilts will be given to veterans at a special dinner on Friday, Sept. 20. The goal is to wrap the men and women who protected our country in a patriotic quilt to show our appreciation. You can find all the categories online in the Fair Exhibitor’s Guide area of the Delaware County Fair website at the link below.

We want to make 2019 our best exhibition yet; with more quilts showing young and old the art of quilting. Drop-off for quilt entries will be Friday, Sept. 13, so if you do not have a quilt already created, you still have time to make at least one to enter.

“There are many in Delaware County that consider quilting their hobby/addiction/stress reliever, both men and women,” said Sandy Lewis, department head of Division 301 — Quilting. “But quilting is about bringing people together, and the fair brings old and new friends together to share in the passion of quilting and be inspired by the beautiful works.”

Lewis said both beginners and experienced quilters should enter their works, because it is all about connecting with others. She added the quilting community embraces new enthusiasts and is ready to encourage and share the tricks of the trade. We look forward to seeing your entry.

Please feel free to contact Lewis at 740-815-7677 with any questions.

Here are some of the general rules for Division 301 — Quilting:

1. Entries are open to any Ohio resident. Entry fees are 20% of first-place premium.

2. There is a maximum of three quilts per class, per exhibitor.

3. Quilts submitted as veterans quilts will not be charged an entry fee and will not be judged.

These quilts are to be awarded to veterans at the veterans dinner. Entrants will receive a daily pass for the fair (any day except Thursday). Entrants are also invited to attend the veterans dinner to present your quilt.

To see the rest of the general rules and specific categories go to:

For more information about the fair, contact General Manager Sandy Kuhn via email at

[email protected] or phone 740-362-3851.

Pictured are the veterans quilts on display during a previous Delaware County Fair. are the veterans quilts on display during a previous Delaware County Fair. Courtesy photo | Delaware County Fair

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