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COLUMBUS — The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is seeking comments on projects seeking funding from the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The TRAC has accepted Major New Project applications for state fiscal years 2020-2024 project selection rounds. Major New Projects are transportation projects that have a total project cost greater than $12 million and which “add transportation capacity, and are critical to the mobility, economic development, and quality of life of the residents of Ohio.”

The TRAC projects from the MORPC area include:

• Delaware County Engineer: Big Walnut Interchange

The Big Walnut Interchange project will construct a new I-71 interchange at Big Walnut Road near Alum Creek State Park. The new interchange would provide a third access point to I-71 for Delaware County residents and businesses and is anticipated to be numbered as Exit 124. The project includes road improvements in an approximate half-mile vicinity. Plans also incorporate bike and pedestrian infrastructure as well as a potential park and ride facility.

Requesting Tier II status only. The project is not currently seeking funding.

• City of Delaware: Delaware Point Project U.S.36/SR 37

The Delaware Point project will widen U.S. 36/37 from one to two lanes in each direction. The project includes replacing the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge over U.S. 36/SR 37, and alleviates one of the Delaware County’s most congested bottlenecks. The project also includes construction of additional turn lanes at the U.S. 36 and SR 37 intersection and the U.S. 36/SR 37 and SR 521 intersection.

Requesting $8 million for construction state fiscal year 2022.

• ODOT District 6: Far East Freeway Phase 1

This first phase of the Far East Freeway project will address congestion and safety in the I-70 corridor at the east I-270 outerbelt. The project will replace the southbound I-270 to eastbound I-70 loop ramp with a flyover ramp and construct auxiliary lanes along eastbound I-70 between I -270 and Brice Road.

Requesting $1.5 million for right-of-way and $73.1 million for construction state fiscal year 2020 and 2022, respectively.

• ODOT District 6: Far East Freeway: Phases 2 and 3

The second and third phase of the Far East Freeway project will address safety and congestion issues in the I-70 corridor at the Brice Road interchange area. Phase 2 reconfigures the north half of the Brice Road interchange and construction of westbound ramps to the I-270 interchange. Phase 2 also includes replacement of the Brice Road bridge. Phase 3 constructs the south half of the Brice Road interchange.

Requesting $1 million for right-of-way and $53.6 million for construction state fiscal year 2022 and 2024, respectively.

• ODOT District 6: I-71 NB – Stringtown Road to I-270

The project adds a northbound express lane between the I-71/Stringtown Road and I-270/I-71 interchanges. The project consists of resurfacing and full depth widening of I-71 northbound to extend the express lane and remove the northbound weave between the two interchanges.

Requesting $10 million for construction state fiscal year 2021.

• ODOT District 6: I-270 & U.S. 23 Interchange (south outerbelt)

This project will remove two cloverleaf ramps, construct two new signalized ramps, rehabilitate two bridge structures, and resurface portions of I-270 and U.S. 23.

Requesting $13 million for construction state fiscal year 2021.

• ODOT District 5: U.S. 33 at Pickerington/Allen

This project will remove the existing intersections along U.S. 33 from Pickerington Road to Allen Road. These intersections will be replaced with an interchange facility to be located between the Hill-Diley Road and Winchester Road (Carroll) interchanges.

Requesting $10 million for right-of-way state fiscal year 2023.

• Union County: U.S. 33/SR 161 at Post Road Interchange

The U.S. 33/SR 161 and Post Road Interchange project will include two new loop ramps that will eliminate the existing left turn conflicts to enter the U.S. 33 ramps. The intersections with both the east and west ramp terminals will be controlled via multi-lane roundabouts that will ensure viable traffic operations well into the future.

Requesting $9.25 million for construction state fiscal year 2022.

The public is encouraged to provide comments or any additional information to set the priorities, including advantages and/or disadvantages of projects. MORPC will review and consider comments during the prioritization and plan to recommend regional priorities for adoption during the September business meetings (starting September 4 with the Community Advisory Committee). These priorities will be presented to TRAC at a public hearing on Sept. 11 and will be formally submitted by Oct. 15 (the date of the last TRAC public meeting).

All comments may be submitted in writing to the attention of Dina López, MORPC, 111 Liberty St., Suite 100, Columbus, OH, 43215, fax (614-233-0750), or e-mail ([email protected]). The deadline to submit feedback is Friday, Aug. 9. For further questions, contact López at 614-233-4149.
The Point, Big Walnut Interchange included

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