Drew Farrell has announced his candidacy for Delaware City Council ahead of next month’s deadline. Farrell will run for the Fourth Ward seat that will be vacated by Kyle Rohrer, who will be running unopposed for Delaware Municipal Court judge.

Farrell, who originally hails from Toledo, has been a member of the Delaware community since 2006 when he was attending Ohio Wesleyan University. He graduated with a degree in education and went on to earn his master’s degree in Education Psychology from Miami University (Ohio).

Both he and his wife teach in central Ohio; He in Westerville and his wife, Whitney, here in Delaware at both Smith and Woodward elementary schools.

Farrell said running for city council is something he has long wanted to do, dating back to his high school days. He also said being around both his parents and grandparents, who weren’t politically involved but knew how to ask the right questions to seek change in their community, contributed to his goal of sitting on council.

“I’ve always enjoyed being involved in the community where I live, and now seemed like a good time to see if I can take the next step,” he said.

In addition to running for city council, Farrell said he has been an active volunteer and committee chair for Main Street Delaware and has worked in several businesses downtown.

“I think the city is changing, growing, and becoming a little younger. There are a lot of younger families moving in,” he said. “So, I want to make sure the city maintains the historical aspect that gives it so much character. I also think the growth needs to be managed in a way that contributes to the city, instead of making it a big sprawl like some of the other suburbs are.”

He added, “A lot of what makes Delaware a great place to live is that it has that small (town) feel. It’s walkable, it’s easy to get to grocery stores and things of that nature. I don’t want to see that go away because that just adds so much to the feeling of community we have here in Delaware.”

Farrell said he has no higher political ambitions past serving on city council. He said his aim is to be responsive to residents and listen to their needs. Among the issues he has identified as important to residents are traffic and infrastructure management, maintaining the unique and historic features of the city, and ensuring that city services are being delivered and expanded, including bike paths, parks, recreation, and other city services that contribute to a higher quality of life.

He encourages residents to reach out to him with any concerns, thoughts, or issues. Residents can reach him through his website at www.farrellforfourth.weebly.com.


By Dillon Davis

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