Recently, I came across a small notebook of things I had written down to remember what Dr. Oz had said when he first came on TV, quite a few years ago. I have picked out some of his recommendations from my notes that you may like to be aware of. They are as follows:

Eat from farm, not from factory.

Eat only 100% whole grain crackers

Eat cooked tomato three times a week.

Losing 10 pounds could save your life.

Too much prednisone causes extreme fatigue.

Take calcium with magnesium, but not with other pills.

Take 1,000 units of Vitamin D at breakfast.

Store-bought apples have 40 pesticides, and are waxed, so peel them.

Sitting down, but not touching the chair, is good exercise.

You must have harmony in your life, to have health in your body.

Balance — practice lifting right leg, then left leg for 5 seconds each.

Artificial sweeteners are 10 times sweeter than sugar.

Smokers have holes eaten away in their lungs.

Have 400 units a day of Vitamin E.

Eat ground turkey, black beans and corn burgers.

Put coconut oil on lips, don’t use Chap Stick.

When sun sets, stomach shuts off, so don’t eat in late p.m.

Heart attack is cold sweat, being dizzy and short of breath.

To get to sleep, breath in through nose and out through mouth

Baby aspirin is a blood thinner, so if having a heart attack, take asap.

Above the neck is a cold, below the neck is the flu.

For heart attack, do chest depressions at 100 times a minute

There is salt in all food that comes in a box.

Don’t use salt, period.

For every year after 45, you lose 1% of muscle.

Dilute juice with 1/2 water and lose 13 pounds a year.

When feel faint, lay down and get head higher level than heart.

Eat walnuts to lower blood pressure.

Don’t eat processed meat of any kind.

Filtered water is better than bottled water.

Don’t take an iron supplement after you are 50.

Apple juice is liquid candy.

Vitamin D kills cancer cells in colon.

My thanks go to those early Dr. Oz shows for these healthful suggestions.


By Kay Conklin

Contributing columnist

Kay E. Conklin is a retired Delaware County recorder who served four terms. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in sociology and anthropology.

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