JanTausch to run for city’s 4th ward seat


With the deadline to be on the November ballot having passed this week, the races for seats on Delaware City Council have taken shape. Opposing Drew Farrell for the vacant fourth ward seat will be Sarah JanTausch, who spoke with The Gazette this week about her candidacy and visions for Delaware.

JanTausch grew up in the fourth ward and still lives there, as do her parents. She graduated with honors from Delaware Christian before heading to OWU, where she played golf and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in politics and government.

After graduating, JanTausch began a career in state government. In particular, she said she worked on a couple of different policy areas with her favorite being the Common Sense Initiative (CSI).

“The Common Sense Initiative is an office that specifically looks at business-impacting regulations on the State of Ohio,” JanTausch said. “That ranges everything from jobs and family services, Environmental Protection Agency, development policy. All of the state agencies are under their purview.”

JanTausch said one of the things she is most proud of during her time with that office is being able to review more than 90 business-impacting regulations that impacted more than nine state agencies. In doing so, JanTausch said she was able to do her part in making Ohio more business-friendly, which she said is one of the things she is most passionate about and wants to bring to city council.

“I think my experience in regulatory policy at the state level is actually really good for city council, because I understand policy, I know how to read legislation, as well as the law, although I’m not a lawyer,” JanTausch said.

She went on to say, “Our city council has a great opportunity coming up here. We have many of the state routes run right through Delaware. Delaware County, as a whole, has grown at a rate of 92 percent since 2000, while the state of Ohio has grown at a rate of 2.8 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s data.

“It’s a huge growth that the county has had and you see a lot of that in the city of Delaware. So, I think between the intersections of transportation that are here, the industry that is coming to the whole Columbus region, and the people that are coming here, you’re seeing a huge growth in population, which brings with it both challenges and opportunities.”

While she feels there is a lot of interest in that growth, JanTauch said the history and tradition of Delaware is most important to her.

“I think that while there is opportunity, I want to keep some of those pieces of history and tradition here and keep it the town we still love, while taking advantage of some of those things,” she said, pointing to economic development as one of those opportunities.

Asked about the rate in which Delaware is being further developed, JanTausch said it is a nod to the draw the city has become for people and businesses coming into the city. However, she said the city government needs to be responsible and respectful when it comes to that growth.

JanTausch said she will be proactive if elected, but also respectful of the city’s history and tradition.


By Dillon Davis

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