Paint store spreads to Sunbury


Sunbury Village Council unanimously approved a Sherwin-Williams Paints store in the Sunbury Mills Plaza at its Sept. 4 meeting.

The 3,500-square-foot building is just south of the recently-opened Taco Bell on an acre known as Lot D. There will be parking for 20 cars.

Sunbury’s Planning and Zoning Commission had already recommended approval, conditional to adding landscaping to the east and north sides. Representatives for the project showed council members new drawings that met those conditions, including adding a sign on the east, which will be facing state Route 3. The entrance of the store will be on the west, facing the front of Kroger.

The ordinance was approved by emergency on a first reading, because the applicant wished to have the store constructed and possibly open by year’s end. Mayor Tommy Hatfield said council typically likes to avoid emergency passage, so as to give the public every opportunity to comment on the legislation.

However, Solicitor David Brehm said since there was no public comment on the plan at either the Planning and Zoning Commission the prior week or at council, all conditions had been met and the applicant had been cooperative, passage by emergency was acceptable.

At the council meeting Aug. 21, there was an update on the Magnolia Park development. The minutes of the meeting read, “The proposed single-family subdivision contains 37 lots on 25.95 acres to the east of Big Walnut Middle School, south of Cheshire Road. The subdivision will connect to Cheshire Road, Fairland Drive, and the future development to the south on the Price property.”

Development costs stalled the application, but the developer will now move forward, the minutes state.

“Civenco is proposing a major subdivision of land adjacent to Big Walnut Middle School, that was previously presented as Orchard (Orchid) Park …” states the agenda from the Aug. 26 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Finally, the District 13 restaurant was given approval to serve food and drink in front of the business owned by Jassen Holderby at 45 E. Granville St. in a former bank. There will also be music, but the volume will be 65 decibels (loud talking), and the outdoors service will end at 10 p.m. weekdays and 11 p.m. weekends. There will be a trial period to see how it works. It was stated District 13 could be open by the end of the month.

The front of District 13 in Sunbury. Sunbury Village Council members said the restaurant may be open by the end of September. front of District 13 in Sunbury. Sunbury Village Council members said the restaurant may be open by the end of September. Gary Budzak | The Gazette
District 13 goes outside

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