JanTausch willing ‘to tackle difficult issues’


I was pleased to read in the Gazette’s Aug. 10, 2019 article “JanTausch to run for city’s 4th ward seat” that our community continues to attract talent to public office. I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah JanTausch in many capacities: in her role at the Lt. Governor’s office, as a board member and later staff leader at Turning Point domestic violence shelter, and as a fellow member of the Delaware Rotary Club.

In every instance, Sarah has demonstrated her passion for helping others and supporting her community. Her professionalism and willingness to tackle difficult issues is refreshing and an asset for any public servant.

A lifelong Delaware resident and OWU graduate, Sarah has had many opportunities to relocate but remains loyal to the place she calls home and is personally invested in keeping Delaware the best place to live in central Ohio. From improvements to infrastructure and economic development to creating opportunities for families to thrive, her council agenda tracks with the emerging needs of our growing city.

In an age when talented leaders are reluctant to run for public office, I am thrilled that Sarah JanTausch is willing to put her name on the ballot and to serve, and I look forward to working with her as councilwoman.

Brandon Feller


United Way of Delaware County

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