Biden’s attacks an act of desperation


Joe Biden is feeling the heat, and his recent attacks on President Trump are a desperate attempt to arrest his campaign’s recent slide to ruin.

Ironically, the former vice president is caught in the crosshairs of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry. His son’s well documented corrupt dealings in the Ukraine and China are at front and center of the media narrative about the Democrat impeachment effort, and his party doesn’t seem to be terribly interested in covering for him anymore.

As political strategist Steve Bannon said, the Democrats are “prepared to sacrifice a rook to take down a king.”

Biden is desperately trying to staunch the bleeding by attacking the legitimacy of attempts to shine a spotlight on his past. In a letter to the editor-in-chief of The New York Times, the Biden campaign smeared reporters who first covered Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings as “conspiracy theorists” and right-wing propagandists.

To be clear, Biden hasn’t refuted the basic facts underpinning suspicions that he leveraged his influence as vice president to secure payoffs for his son. Nobody denies that Hunter Biden walked out of Ukraine with a sinecure from Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, despite having no background or knowledge in either the gas industry or Ukraine.

It’s equally certain that Hunter raised $1.5 billion for a private equity firm in China shortly after flying to Beijing with his father aboard Air Force Two. Even Joe Biden’s limited rebuff that he never talked business with his son is demonstrably false, contradicted not only by Hunter’s own comments, but also by a photo showing father and son golfing with Burisma executives.

The stench of corruption hangs heavy over those facts, raising legitimate questions that Biden should have to answer if he expects the American people to entrust him with the highest office in the land. Instead of trying to explain how Hunter’s overseas wheeling and dealing could have been above-board, Biden’s campaign is lashing out at journalists who express curiosity, accusing even reliably liberal outlets such as The New York Times of spreading “Russian propaganda.”

Biden is clearly used to fawning news coverage from a compliant media, but while he hasn’t had to answer critical questions about his actions for a long time, he nonetheless saw this coming. The former vice president reportedly hesitated about entering the race out of concern for his son, telling friends and advisors that “they’re going to go after my boy.” The allegations were so worrying that the Biden camp tried to preemptively spin Hunter Biden’s scandalous past with a profile piece in The New Yorker in July.

That strategy obviously failed, so now Biden is trying to shift attention to President Trump by declaring his support for formally impeaching the president.

Biden’s attacks are just a flailing effort to revive his campaign. Recent polls show Biden trailing his top rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for the first time. Meanwhile, Biden’s recent fundraising has been poor and enthusiasm for his candidacy has flagged among even his most committed supporters. According to one report, Biden’s attack against President Trump generated a rare moment of excitement at a New Hampshire rally. By going on the offensive, Biden hopes to get some wind back in his sails.

Biden can talk tough on the campaign trail all he wants, but calling for the president to be removed from office isn’t going to improve his chances in the 2020 election. Biden is the embodiment of the corrupt D.C. establishment, with a long history of the type of influence-peddling and self-dealing that the American people firmly rejected in 2016 by electing Donald Trump over establishment darling Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Joe Biden knows that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is only going to turn up damaging information about his own sordid past, which is why he’s practically begging Nancy Pelosi to move forward with a party-line impeachment vote before any more facts get out to the public.

By Madison Gesiotto

Guest columnist

Ohio resident Madison Gesiotto is an attorney, political commentator, co-chair of Women for Trump, 2016 Inauguration Spokesperson, and former Miss Ohio USA.

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