Democrats double down on radical proposals


While Democrats descended on Westerville for Tuesday’s debate hoping to sway Ohio voters with their progressive pipe dreams and plans to fundamentally transform America, they only proved that their radical ideas are vastly out of touch with Ohioans.

If this crop of 2020 candidates were smart, they would have talked about issues that actually matter to Ohioans – like jobs, wages, unemployment, trade, or rebuilding our military. (All things that President Trump has delivered on and more, I may add.) We instead saw them bicker back and forth about yet another baseless impeachment witch hunt, how best to confiscate law-abiding gun owners’ constitutional right to bear arms, how President Trump’s Twitter account and right to free speech should be silenced, and who had the best plan to eliminate private healthcare from over 6.5 million Ohioans.

This is hardly a platform that Ohioans will rally behind.

From the 2020 Democrats on the debate stage, Americans once again heard no new vision for our country. Instead, the Democrat presidential contenders offered out of touch, socialist proposals that would raise taxes on hardworking Ohioans and insert government control over nearly every aspect of our lives.

Their radical plan for government-run healthcare would cost taxpayers a whopping $32 trillion and give the government control over who should be your doctor and what services you are able to have. If the Democrats had it their way, a normal trip to the doctor’s office would seem more like a visit to the BMV.

The Democrats’ unserious and costly climate plans would have a devastating impact on the Ohio economy. As a top five natural gas producing state, fracking alone contributes $22 billion annually to our state’s economy. Yet, every Democrat on Tuesday’s debate stage would ban fracking, fossil fuels and coal. This industry supports nearly 280,000 jobs across Ohio that the Democrats would rather see obliterated while watching energy prices skyrocket for Ohio families.

What’s more, the Democrats’ radical stance on the 2nd Amendment includes full-fledged gun confiscation while their extreme stance on abortion is a non-starter for Ohioans who overwhelmingly stand up for life.

Finally, when the topic of the economy and jobs did come up, the Democrats turned a blind eye to President Trump’s roaring economy and instead chose to spread falsehoods that our economy is not doing well. But Ohioans know the truth.

Since President Trump was elected, he has helped to create over 6.5 million new jobs, including over 90,000 right here in the Buckeye State. Manufacturing jobs are indeed coming back, with over 18,000 manufacturing jobs created right here in Ohio since President Trump’s election. Our national unemployment rate has hit its lowest level in 50 years while the unemployment rate in Ohio has dropped to 4% — a stark contrast to Obama’s 11% unemployment rate high. Not only this, but we’ve seen record low unemployment for women, African Americans, Latino Americans and Asian Americans.

These are the issues Ohioans actually care about. And on every single one of them, President Trump has knocked it out of the ballpark.

Simply put, if any one of the 2020 wannabes on Tuesday’s debate stage became president, their radical, big government ideas would bring our great American comeback to a screeching halt.

It is crucial President Trump be re-elected for four more years so that Ohio and our country can continue our path to prosperity, instead of turning down a path of darkness. The Democrats only helped us make that case in Tuesday’s debate.


By Jane Timken

Guest columnist

Jane Timken is chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party.

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