Rush has ‘servant-like attitude, common sense’


I’m writing this letter of support and urging all 2nd Ward registered voters to vote for Mike Rush on Election Day. Admittedly, I live in the 4th Ward and own a business downtown, but I believe Mike Rush will do an incredible job not only for the 2nd Ward, but the whole city of Delaware.

Mike is a lifetime resident of the city and has a servant-like attitude. I have witnessed firsthand Mike’s willingness to help. Whether it’s a stranger asking for directions on the sidewalk, his countless hours of volunteer work, or the committees he sits on, he puts others first.

Not only does Mike have the willingness to help, Mike has something that is missing in today’s society, he has common sense. In recent days, Mike has been accused of taking money from developers to line his campaign coffers. I think what some people are missing is the fact that as a candidate for any elected position, candidates accept contributions from all walks of life. Whether you sell dreams, oils, cars or real estate, it’s your right to contribute. I think the assumption that Mike would be a “YES” man for the developers is ridiculous. I personally think everyone who sits on a city council should be “YES” people, until there is a necessity to say no!

We are all blessed to live in a city that is thriving, growing, and forward thinking. We are surrounded by history and historical buildings. We are blessed to have an abundance of people in this city that care and love it; Mike is one of those people. He understands that without some progress, there will be no history. Vote Mike Rush for 2nd Ward on Election Day!

Ed Paxton


Woodland Cigar Co.
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