Harlem Twp. to get historic marker


On Sunday, November 10, Harlem Township Heritage will be hosting a dedication ceremony of an Ohio historic marker honoring Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veteran, Richard W. Thompson. The ceremony will be held in Fancher Cemetery on Fancher Road (Delaware County Road 20), 0.9 miles west of State Route 605 in Harlem Township.

The ceremony will begin with fife music beginning at 1:45 p.m. followed at 2 p.m. by information about Richard Thompson and his significance to our fledgling nation and Ohio. Thompson was a colonial British soldier, captured by the Americans after Bunker Hill. As a resident of the colonies, he was sympathetic to the American cause and changed his allegiance. In 1776 he was named Fife Major of the 5th Virginia Regiment and continued in that position for the Virginia units of the Continental Line through 1779 when he was named Drum Major.

According to his family, Thompson was in the Continental Army until the Revolutionary War ended and was “with Washington all the way.” By 1804 Richard Thompson was in Ohio. Even though he was over age seventy, he was named Master Musician of the Ohio Militia by Governor Return J. Meigs during the War of 1812. Thompson died in Harlem Township in 1837 at age 95.

Acquisition and placement of this Ohio Historic Marker honoring Richard W. Thompson is a significant achievement for Harlem Township, Delaware County, and Ohio.


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Submitted by Vicki Tieche of Harlem Township Heritage.

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