‘Keller has experience, proven track record of successful leadership’


I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend the re-election of Councilwoman Lisa M. Keller on Nov. 5. Councilwoman Keller has demonstrated a high level of commitment and service to the residents of Delaware’s Second Ward since 2008. She has the experience and proven track record of successful leadership to help guide Delaware into the future.

As Delaware’s mayor, it has been my pleasure to watch Mrs. Keller advocate for citizens. Mrs. Keller has hosted numerous meetings to work alongside residents, has participated in community events, and has taken the time necessary to fully listen to all sides of an issue prior to making a decision. She has worked diligently to make the Second Ward a better place with the addition of Veteran’s Park and Splash Pad, the Delaware Community Center, and the Second Ward Community Initiative to help community members. Her heart and passion for this city have been evident in the way she has consistently gone above and beyond in serving the residents of the Second Ward.

Councilwoman Keller also brings an unmatched level of fiscal experience in managing city budgets. Over the past 11 years of her service, council has created policy to lift Delaware from a recession with empty storefronts into the vibrant, award winning community it is today. Having participated in numerous roles throughout her time on council, including serving as chairperson of the Planning Commission, member of the Civil Service Commission, Finance Committee, Public Works and Public Utilities Commission, Community Promotions Committee, Councilwoman Keller has a wide breadth of legacy knowledge and demonstrated capability in managing the city’s limited resources.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Councilwoman Lisa M. Keller as the best choice for Delaware’s Second Ward.


Carolyn Kay Riggle

Mayor of Delaware

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