Trump’s blue collar boom in Ohio


President Trump’s actions to empower blue collar workers are paying big dividends for Ohio. Ford’s recent decision to invest more than $1 billion in the Buckeye State proves that this economic boom isn’t slowing down any time soon.

According to the latest estimates, the automaker’s $900 million investment in its Avon Lake assembly plant will create a whopping 1,500 new jobs. While that alone is a big deal for Ohio, economists also expect the investment to produce substantial secondary benefits for the local economy and the state’s manufacturing sector. The U.S. auto giant has also committed to spending an additional $125 million on updating its Cleveland Engine Plant in nearby Brook Park, which already employs nearly 2,000 workers.

These are the sort of blue collar manufacturing jobs that built Ohio’s middle class, providing fair wages and steady work that gave families genuine financial stability. Those jobs were steadily taken away from us in recent decades, but they’re finally coming back.

Notably, the Cleveland-area projects are part of an even bigger commitment that Ford made in the recent deal with the United Auto Workers, which will eventually pump $6 billion into the U.S. economy and create an estimated 8,500 jobs throughout the country — a promise that Ford would not have been able to afford if not for the strong and growing U.S. economy.

Over the past three years, President Trump has implemented a common-sense, pro-growth economic agenda featuring targeted deregulation and historic middle-class tax cuts, sparking a wave of job creation that has revitalized communities across the country.

“We have ended the war on American workers,” President Trump said in a recent speech. “We have stopped the assault on American industry, and we have launched an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Experts estimate that Ford’s expansion in Ohio will create a sizable ripple effect, since newly-hired workers have more money to spend at local businesses and a bigger factory needs more goods and services from local industry. Ford’s enormous investment in the Avon Lake assembly plant isn’t just a commitment to the hundreds of new employees who will work there — it’s also a commitment to Ohio.

Crucially, Ohio also continues to attract investment from businesses of all sizes, not just Ford. In November alone, two major corporations — advanced manufacturer Satco, Inc. and consulting firm Auticon — announced plans to expand their operations in the state, creating even more job opportunities for blue collar workers.

Don’t let the strategic Democrat pessimism lower your expectations for our strong and growing economy — Ford’s billion-dollar bet on the Buckeye State economy is just the tip of the iceberg. As a new grandparent, it is a great feeling living here, knowing my children and grandchildren will be able to live and prosper just like I did in one of the greatest areas of the country!

By David Moore

Guest columnist

David Moore is the Ohio Republican Central Committeeman for District 13 as well as the president of Young Enterprise Solutions.

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