Time to reminisce


Thinking back over some earlier articles.

First is to write about the outcome of my husband’s accident with his table saw. A decision had to be made as whether to amputate his left index finger or hope the stitches held it together, so as to heal itself. Since George wanted to save it, the doctor at the Riverside emergency room made it possible for him go that route. And, it healed wonderfully! We still thank Doctor Mike for the great job he did back in June.

Also, when I went to see the inside of the newly redecorated Ashley Wornstaff Library, the first thing I noticed was the open space that was created by removing one of the free-standing bookcases, making a little more room for everything else. I sat down in the over-sized rocking chair that had been newly placed right beside all the magazines and newspapers. With the afternoon sun shining through the new windows, it was an invitingly warm place to sit and read. It was great to walk from room to room and see the wonderful changes, especially in the children’s room. It was there that I noticed the title, “Dr. Floss is the Boss.” Good catchy title! Seeing the new carpeting everywhere, as well as the beautiful new blue paint job, adds to the feeling of comfort. While walking home I became aware of the peace that I had experienced while just being inside that wonderful place that I still like to call “my home away from home.”

Now, I have some sad news. I had previously written the above paragraph, but during my visit, just an hour ago, I learned that the original main front door was in a fire and completely destroyed. This happened at the place where it was being restored, not while at our library. But today, Dec. 6, was the very day it was to have been delivered back to our library. Such sad news to lose that wonderful original door that let in all that light through it’s many sections of glass. I had opened and shut that same door at least 1,000 times over the 60 years of coming and going while taking out books, and bringing them back. It will be replaced, but will take a long while to be able to do so. Such an unusually sad loss!

When I think of my old articles, I think of the Angel story when I believe I talked to a real angel in my office 20 years ago, when I was back at the old court house. Also seeing the one-room schoolhouse George attended while in the third and fourth grades, that has been made into a lovely home. I like to remember the story of the lady who was our waitress in a tea room in Florida. She looked just like my grandma! I got to talk to her and have gone back to see her every time we visit our daughter in Florida. I send her cards at her birthday and Christmas. Not only does she look like my grandma, but she has the same first name, which was May spelled the same, “MAE.”

This is now the fourth Christmas season I have been writing articles for the Gazette, and I am filled with the idea of writing about the candlelight services at churches on Christmas Eve. If you were fortunate to have grown up attending a church that had candlelight services, I am very happy for you. I grew up going to church, and a highlight of Christmas has always been the few moments it takes for everyone’s candle to be lit. This usually takes place with the congregation’s singing of “Silent Night.”

If you did not grow up attending candlelight services on Christmas Eve, the time to start is now, right here while it’s still 2019. If you don’t have your own church, get the page from the newspaper and find a church near you that does have a candlelight service and make a point to go. If that is not possible, as I know it isn’t for a lot of people, how about lighting a candle and putting it in any window where it can be seen during the long dark evenings of December and January? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful sight to see every house be lit on Christmas Eve and Christmas night? With all of us together, we could light up a world of darkness.

So I will leave you here, on this cold December night, and look forward to lots of lights everywhere by Christmas Eve.


By Kay Conklin

Contributing columnist

Kay E. Conklin is a retired Delaware County recorder who served four terms. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in sociology and anthropology.

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