Watch out for ice this winter


As we get older, it seems that gravity plays a very mean trick on us. I have to say that I have never been very sure on my feet, and for the last several years, gravity likes to grab a hold of me and re-introduce me to the earth.

It seems that once a winter, I slip on the ice and end up under the truck, onto rocks, or other wonderful works of nature.

Four years ago was the worst. I was headed out to check on parking lots. (I have a snow and ice removable service.) So, I am outside working, when most people are staying inside their homes.

When I headed out to my garage, I pushed the button to close the garage door, took one step and went down in the driveway. I had slipped on the ice. That’s when I realized I had broken my left leg.

The garage door closed behind me. It was a rain and ice storm, and I was all wet as well as going into shock. Then the lightning started, and it was so slippery that I was not able to move at all.

As I am lying on the ground alone, I realized that I was lucky to have my cell phone. So, I called 911, and also my best friend, and my wife. By then I was totally wet, cold, and in shock. The thunder and lighting was getting closer and more frequent. The only thing I could think was that now I am going to get hit my lighting. What luck!

When the squad arrived, they tried to get me off the ice. They had to get down on their hands and knees to try to move me. Have you ever tried to lift someone while on your knees? No very easy to do.

My best friend, Billy, is a very strong person, and he told the medics that if they could get me in the basket, he could pull me off the ice. They were able to get me into the Medic and transport me to the hospital.

It turns out that I broke my leg in two places and dislocated my ankle, and had to have several weeks of recovery.

Now, just last week, while getting ready to go out and plow snow and salt parking lots, I had to clean my salt spreader. While standing on the spreader, Mother Nature pulled one on me again!

I was about 5 feet off the ground and when I went to step down onto the bumper of the truck to reach another area of the spreader, someone moved the bumper. I missed and fell onto my back. It must have taken quite some time falling, because I was able to think on the way down, that this is going to hurt!

I was lucky that I didn’t break anything (this time), but I was stoved up for several days and still have to go out and work. I keep telling myself to watch out more and keep my feet on the ground.

So, if you are like me and spend as much time on the ground as I do, I would like to know how to get off the ground. Seems gravity just will not let me go!

Hope you all have a safe winter and keep upright.

By Loren Pool

Contributing columnist

Loren Pool is a retired Delaware County deputy sheriff.

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