Delivering on promises made


During his inaugural address, President Trump made a promise to put America first, secure our borders, bring back jobs and, most importantly, revive the American dream. He has certainly kept those promises throughout his first term, proving that the American people made the right decision when they went to the ballot box in 2016.

Instead of working with President Trump, Democrats have been focused on political witch hunts and now these sham impeachment proceedings. The do-nothing Democrats have proven they don’t care about what is best for the American people. Standing against the president is not the same as standing for something. The Democrats’ belief system involves obstructing a president who has done so much for American workers, women, minority communities, and our economy, simply because they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Led by Nancy Pelosi and shifty Schiff, the Democrats have been pushing impeachment merely as a tool for distraction for more than a year. However, voters see right through their partisan politicization of the facts and will choose to focus on real results like in December, the unemployment rate for women was 3.2%, the lowest since 1953. For the past 22 consecutive months, wage growth has been near or above 3%, all thanks to the president’s leadership, and over 7.6 million jobs have been created under President Trump’s administration. Democrats can reject the reality of President Trump’s achievements all they want, but that behavior doesn’t change the fact that these numbers are undeniable.

Just last week alone, President Trump saw two huge trade victories. Joined by the vice premier of the People’s Republic of China, President Trump signed a historic phase one trade agreement. China has committed to purchasing at least $200 billion worth of American products and services over the next two years. This transformative deal with China will grow the U.S. economy, create jobs, and is proof the president is committed to fighting for all American workers. Ohio farmers and manufacturers will benefit greatly from this deal.

The Senate passage of the USMCA agreement was another big win for the president and Americans, Ohioans included. Our trade relationship with Mexico and Canada will be brought into the 21st century, and this deal will expand market access and remove unfair barriers for farmers. As the Democrats remained focused on the impeachment charade, President Trump was busy working hard for the American people.

It is because of the president’s commitment to Keep America Great that the Democrats’ campaign against him is so appalling. They would rather stand idly by, touting radical and out of touch agendas, than ever celebrate what President Trump has done for our country. They are constantly hypocritical in their beliefs and play by a different set of rules. Nancy Pelosi noted what a somber occasion the signing of the impeachment documents should be, while simultaneously smiling gleefully as she passed around souvenir pens bearing her name. The Democrats have never cared about the truth – they are only interested in smearing the name of our 45th president to further their own agenda.

President Trump has fought an uphill battle ever since he was elected in 2016. Democrats have had their eye on impeachment since that very day, and it is more important now than ever that Republicans rally behind a president who continues to fight for us despite repeated efforts to sabotage his office, his family, and his name. The Democrats continue to push for impeachment because they don’t know any other way to beat President Trump at the ballot box.

Leading up to the 2016 election, Democrats doubted President Trump’s electability. Now, they hope a politician with radical leanings can beat him in November. I’m here to remind them that Ohioans aren’t interested in the radical agendas of the coastal elites. They care about more money in their pockets, wage growth, jobs, an overall strong economy, and more importantly their own American dream. President Trump has delivered all of those things, and voters have not forgotten which party and which president is truly for the people.


By Jane Timken

Guest columnist

Jane Timken is chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party.

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