Local courts respond to coronavirus


The judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County are continuing to hear cases and are issuing decisions without interruption despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus. The judges have taken steps, though, to lessen some of the risks posed by normal courthouse activities.

The judges have encouraged staff members and courthouse visitors to practice social distancing, which of course means keeping several feet away from other persons in public. County employees who clean the public and staff-only areas of the courthouse are also working hard every day to keep tables, door handles, and other surfaces sanitized to reduce the possible transmission of any viruses. And all courthouse restrooms contain ample supplies of soap for the frequent handwashing that we know can lessen the likelihood that viruses will spread there.

Much court business can be conducted online or by telephone. For example, documents can be filed electronically through the county’s e-filing system. A link to webpage for the Clerk of Courts is here: https://co.delaware.oh.us/.

Status conferences and pretrials may be conducted by telephone, depending on the case. Our courts are contacting the parties in advance for any hearings that we hope to conduct by telephone rather than in person. Certainly some court business is still being conducted in person, though, such as jury trials, nonjury trials, and some evidentiary hearings. Applications for marriages licenses at the probate court and requests for passports from the clerk’s office must also be handled in person.

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, and we ask for your flexibility and assistance as we adjust and cope as best we can. As we continue to serve the public, we remain focused on doing so in a way that promotes public health and safety.


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Submitted by the Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

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