Left can’t have it both ways


No matter what President Trump does or doesn’t do, liberals will blame him for whatever havoc the novel coronavirus wreaks.

When people in the West first grew concerned over reports of a serious new outbreak of a respiratory disease and a massive quarantine effort in China’s Hubei province, the president immediately acted to restrict travel from the affected region. Liberal commentators in America, meanwhile, completely misdiagnosed the threat, expressing outrage over the administration’s supposed over-reaction. The real danger, according to them, was not that American lives and public health were at risk, but that public concern about that risk would lead to racism.

In these people’s minds, racism is always the biggest problem, even when a serious new illness is killing hundreds of people and that infection is coming from one place: China. As usual, the person they blame for this supposedly rampant anti-Chinese racism is President Donald Trump.

Then, after weeks of complaining that it was racist to make a big deal about coronavirus, the left suddenly decided it was a big deal, after all.

The CDC issued a statement that coronavirus was indeed quite serious, the stock market took notice and began a sell-off, and President Trump did what any responsible president would do: he took to the airwaves — twice — to head off any panic. He relayed the best scientific assessments his experts gave him, he asked Congress for additional funds to make sure our public health system is ready for the worst-case scenario, and he explained how he had worked from the very beginning to make sure we had the right measures in place at our borders and ports of entry to prevent any unnecessary exposure.

But that’s not enough for the people who were convinced that coronavirus alarmism was all a racist hoax just a few weeks ago. Now, the media are alarmed that he’s not freaking out enough, and because he’s pushed back on their absurd effort to label coronavirus the “Trumpvirus” and a “pandemic.”

Based purely on speculation, journalists started heavily implying that Vice President Mike Pence was silencing a National Institutes of Health expert because he cancelled some television appearances. The expert in question, Dr. Anthony Fauci, quickly tamped down this outlandish conspiracy theory. The media are still trying to make it seem as though there is a rift between Fauci and Trump, forcing the epidemiologist to spend even more time swatting down unsubstantiated claims.

Now, as the Trump administration works diligently to help companies — including temporarily-shuttered factories in Ohio — ramp up production of vital medical supplies, some journalists are complaining because they think the president should be nationalizing industries so that the federal government can micromanage every aspect of the process — despite the ample historical examples proving that private initiative is vastly more efficient than bureaucratic edicts.

That is how delusional these people are. Even when dealing with the spread of a virus that originated in a foreign country, they can’t stop attacking President Trump and everyone they associate with him.

This will not change no matter what the president does or does not do in response to this serious public health threat. Liberals will never stop blaming President Trump, so why would anyone keep listening to them?


By Madison Gesiotto

Guest columnist

Madison Gesiotto is an Ohio attorney, former Miss Ohio USA, and an opinion contributor for The Hill.

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