Biden would put Ohio down for the count


It would take years, if not decades, for Ohio to recover from a Joe Biden presidency, which would unleash a wave of economic destruction the likes of which the Buckeye State has never seen before.

Although the liberal media often describe Biden as a “moderate” Democrat, his policy platform is nothing of the sort. Since the earliest day of his presidential campaign, Biden has embraced a big government agenda that rivals some of the most radical ideologues in his own party.

Last June, Biden publicly pledged that he would eliminate President Trump’s historic tax cuts for middle-income workers, despite the fact that they helped create countless new jobs across the country before our economy got hit with the effects of the nationwide pandemic shutdowns. Biden made it clear that he wasn’t talking about merely letting the tax cuts expire, asserting that “on day one, I will move to eliminate Trump’s tax cuts.”

While a sudden and severe tax increase of the sort Biden envisions would be bad for the entire country, it would prove to be even worse for Ohio, where taxpayers have saved an average of $1,476 on their federal income taxes as a result of the president’s signature legislation. Moreover, the tax cuts have provided the foundation of Ohio’s economic growth in recent years, helping drive the state pre-pandemic unemployment rate to historic lows. Taking that pillar of prosperity out from under us would only impede our efforts to recover from the coronavirus-related shutdowns that have throttled our economy so badly.

But massive tax hikes would only be an appetizer for Radical Joe — the main course would be enough to satisfy even the most ravenous big-government liberal. On his second day in office, Biden would begin to implement a radical climate agenda that would annihilate our entire energy sector and spark a nationwide economic collapse.

As he has stated repeatedly on the campaign trail, Biden believes in eliminating fossil fuels by any means necessary — regardless of the consequences for Americans whose livelihoods depend on the fossil fuel industry.

“We are going to get rid of fossil fuels,” he pledged earlier this year. In a recent debate with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden elaborated on this promise, vowing there will be “no more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill … period.”

Biden was describing the end of Ohio as we know it. According to recent estimates from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a fracking ban alone would destroy a jaw-dropping 700,000 Ohio jobs by 2025 — almost 13% of the state’s entire workforce — while draining $245 billion from our GDP. It’s not just those workers who have to worry, though; a fracking ban would also create significant financial hardship for virtually every family in Ohio, raising their cost of living by hundreds of dollars per year.

“Ohio consumers will be hit hard by a ban on hydraulic fracturing, paying an additional $489 per capita for goods and services in 2021 compared to today and increasing to $1,709 per capita in 2025,” the study noted, adding that consumers in the Buckeye State “will pay an astounding $5,625 more than today through 2025.”

During the same time frame, Ohio would also see a $119 billion drop in cumulative household income, leading to a $75 billion decrease in state and federal tax revenue. In short, Biden’s radical environmental policies would not just injure Ohio’s economy — they would cripple it.

Take it from President Obama — Joe Biden “already has what is the most progressive platform of any major party nominee in history.” That was meant as an enticement for reluctant Sanders supporters to embrace Biden’s candidacy, but it should serve as a warning to all sensible Americans who value pragmatic leadership over ideological purity.

In direct contrast to President Trump’s job-creating policies — which rapidly brought America out of the doldrums of the Obama era, and will serve us well again as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic — Biden’s far-left agenda would systematically destroy jobs from coast to coast, bringing our mighty economy to its knees. But the worst pain of all would be felt in energy-producing states such as Ohio, where hundreds of thousands of working families would find themselves thrown out of work by their own federal government.

It took visionary leadership to pull America out of the economic funk created by Obama’s job-killing policies. Joe Biden wants to bring those policies back in a much more aggressive form — and there’s no guarantee that anything would be able to revive Ohio’s economy after such a devastating blow.

By Madison Gesiotto

Guest columnist

Madison Gesiotto is an Ohio attorney, former Miss Ohio USA, and an opinion contributor for The Hill.

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