DGHD helping The Inns protect residents


The Delaware General Health District (DGHD) along with The Inn at Bear Trail and The Inn at Olentangy Trail (The Inns) are committed to ensuring residents of these long-term care facilities receive the safest care and public health protection possible in wake of residents testing positive for COVID-19.

In ensuring this care and protection from this novel virus, it creates a new learning curve. The DGHD has assisted and worked closely with The Inns’ administrative team, including helping the facilities strategize and implement an infectious disease control plan that best suits the health care needs of The Inns’ residents.

With guidance from federal and state protocols, the DGHD and The Inns are continuing to work together to make sure facility staff and residents are properly protected, including meeting their crucial PPE needs. The Delaware County Emergency Management Agency, in collaboration with Health District emergency response coordinators, distribute PPE to local facilities when they request it through the DGHD’s regular burn rate survey. This survey is a support tool that allows for facilities to best plan and optimize the use of PPE for their response.

“This is not an ‘us against them’ situation,” Health Commissioner Shelia Hiddleson said. “This is a team effort from both the facilities’ standpoint and the health district’s. The end goal for both entities is to strategize, implement and secure the safest plan possible in the protection against this infectious virus.”

“This is a new virus and we’re all treading through new waters in terms of the best way to protect our most vulnerable population and their unique heathcare needs,” said Carrie Kuhr, senior executive director at The Inn at Bear Trail and The Inn at Olentangy Trail. “These residents are our family and we are doing our best to meet their needs and our staff’s needs — all while learning how to execute the best public health plan possible.”

The DGHD and The Inns will continue to work together with federal and state public health officials to ensure those within these long-term care facilities and all facilities in Delaware County are prepared and protected during this pandemic.


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