Get right with God, family, co-workers


The last several months have caused some very hard challenges.

I have had two very good work buddies who have passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gatherings were not recommended as to slow down the virus. This put some stress on the families being able to let people know what they were doing and when.

Their life services where just held this last month. I have to say how brave both of these persons were. That they both knew the end was near.

For me, I hope to God that the Dark Angel sneaks up on my butt and takes me when I am not looking.

I am not sure I could be as noble in the end knowing what is coming.

But I also have to admit that I’m a little envious to have the insight of my two late friends.

The ability to look at their life and get a little closer with their family. Things that they did, and things to look back on with their families. The ability to think about life in general.

To me that is a very noble and maybe somewhat religious experience.

I do believe that we all need to get a little closer to God . Unfortunately, that seems to be the last thing on our mines.

I wish I had gotten to say goodbye. They were both hard workers, and just good people.

After both services, you know we all walk around saying that we need to meet each other in different circumstances. That it seems we all only get together during a funeral. We all are right. We all get so busy in work and life. We forget to tell those we work with and live with how much we love and respect them.

Being in law enforcement these days is a challenge just working day to day.

Moral of this story: Get right with God. Get right with your family. Get right with you co-workers. Let them know you respect them and care about them. Life is short and some people are taken far too soon.


By Loren Pool

Contributing columnist

Loren Pool is a retired Delaware County deputy sheriff.

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