Patel: America has given me everything


I often say that I have three mothers. There is my biological mother, of course, who provided warmth, nourishment and love. There is my “mother” India, who taught me to work hard and be honest. Then there is my “mother” America. My mother America has given me everything.

Forty years ago, I came to the United States with $20 in my pocket and a dream. Through hard work, perseverance, and the freedom America provides, I built two successful businesses, one in the hotel industry and one in the financial planning industry. I also met my lovely wife and together we grew our family and raised four successful children. Because I have lived the American dream, I carry an American flag in my briefcase, and each morning, I pledge my allegiance. I do not miss a day.

America has given so much to me, and in return, I have always given back by supporting the leaders that do great for our country. Although I was a registered Democrat and even ran for office as a Democrat, I have always supported elected officials from both the Republican and Democrat parties. I have always praised those who are doing good for our country regardless of party affiliation.

In 2016, along came Donald Trump, a businessman – like myself — who understands the value of hard work. A man who implements policies that help businesses grow, which in return helps families. A straight shooter that works for America — not politics. A man that has been a great friend to India. A man who wants the best for America – all Americans — and that is my goal, too. Through this man, I began to realize my views were more in line with the Republican Party.

Last week, I was embraced by the local GOP and was appointed to be a member of the Delaware County Republican Central Committee.

Today, I am working hard for the party of prosperity and freedom as an active volunteer. Because America has given me everything. I will give back.

By Neil Patel

Guest columnist

Neil Patel resides in Westerville. He is an agent for New York Life Insurance and owner of Econo Lodge in Zanesville. Patel is a trustee for the Federation of Indian Associations and a member of the Delaware County Republican Party Central Committee.

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