Pool: Proud to have grown up in Delaware


I have always said that growing up in Delaware was a very good experience.

Seems like I knew everyone. Most people were friendly and truly had respect for each other.

The businesses in the area were owned by persons that lived in the community, so you saw them every time you walked into their stores. Even the bankers knew you.

Delaware has gotten much larger, and most of the old businesses are gone. But the new owners are becoming the new local ambassadors. I have to say, I do not spend much time in town anymore.

I do stay within my home area. I watch the news and really sometimes can’t believe what I see going on around our country. Being a retiredlaw enforcement officer, what I have observed about how the police are being treated around the country has become very concerning.

I was talking to one of my friends that worked at the Delaware Police Department. I asked him how things were right now with all the noise going on in our country. He stated that working in Delaware was a blessing. The community had been pouring out their support for our local law enforcement.

He went on to advise me that people had been placing blue ribbons on their cruisers. He stated that it is not uncommon to find a note expressing love and support for them, and blessing them and wishing no harm come to them. There have been people expressing support at a drive-thru, and people sending food baskets to their office.

With all the world seeming to show their hate and total disrespect for the law enforcement across the country, my loving community has come out in force to show how good of a place this is.

I am proud that I grew up here. Our forefathers would be proud for their legacy being carried on. Sometimes you just need to be reaffirmed and reminded that our city is such a good place to grow up in. I am glad to be a Delaware person.

Thanks to all those who were not afraid to show their support to our men and women of the thin blue line. May you all find peace in your life.


By Loren Pool

Contributing columnist

Loren Pool is a retired Delaware County deputy sheriff.

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