Delaware County GOP hosts ‘Back the Blue’ rally


POWELL — The Delaware County Republican Party hosted a “Back the Blue” Rally Saturday at Liberty Park to celebrate and support law enforcement officers.

Hundreds of law enforcement officials and citizens from across central Ohio attended the event.

Speakers who addressed the crowd included Attorney General David Yost, Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin, and former Powell Police Chief Gary Vest.

Although most of the event was festive and upbeat and even included a band and food truck, the crowd became quite somber as bagpipes played and a moment of silence was taken to honor fallen officers.

“Being a police officer is a tough and dangerous job,” said Delaware County Republican Party Chairman Steve Cuckler. “Each day an officer puts on that uniform, they are making a sacrifice. Unfortunately, the job is tougher today than it ever has been. From calls to defund, to unconscionable lack of support, to being the targets of physical attack, law enforcement is under siege across our nation.”

The event was coordinated by Delaware County Prosecutor Melissa Schiffel, who works closely with law enforcement each day and is also married to an officer.

“Law enforcement is the thin, blue line between order and anarchy. We understand the sacrifice and the danger, and we will always back the blue because they are always the first to have our back,” said Schiffel.

“We appreciate the overwhelming community support that we received today,” added Sheriff Martin. “Many officers in this profession are understandably feeling discouraged and attacked. However, it’s important for anyone in law enforcement to remember that the good, the innocent, the vulnerable, the victims, and the fearful need you now more than ever.”

Proceeds from “Back the Blue” T-shirts that were sold at the rally will go to the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum.

A bagpiper plays “Amazing Grace” to honor fallen officers. bagpiper plays “Amazing Grace” to honor fallen officers. Courtesy photo

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