BV Athletic Boosters address COVID-19


The ongoing pandemic has changed just about everything … for just about everyone.

People work differently, or from different places. They eat differently, socialize differently, teach differently and learn differently.

Sports have looked different, too … even at the high school level. The student-athletes have been allowed to play, but the opportunity hasn’t come without added challenges.

Spectators have been reduced to a minimum, limiting the ability of athletic departments to raise money through ticket sales. All the while, teams trying to navigate their seasons have added a handful of new safety protocols, ultimately adding expenses to athletic department budgets.

This hasn’t been lost on the Buckeye Valley Athletic Boosters, who recently provided Buckeye Valley student-athletes with a $40,000 commitment in the form of a COVID Relief Supplement.

“The Athletic Boosters recognize the impact that COVID-19 has had on Buckeye Valley athletes and the athletic programs,” BVAA President Joe Rotondo said. “Our teams have been limited in their ability to fundraise and our athletic department has faced unplanned expenses. The Board is glad we are able to help.”

The $40,000 will, in part, offset the slowdown in ticket sales — the primary source of the athletic department’s revenue.

“New protocols have increased the department’s expenses while decreasing the revenue stream,” Buckeye Valley AD Mike Yinger said. “It puts us in a tough position when we are faced with an unbudgeted team expense. We are grateful to the Boosters for their support as we continue to work to meet the needs of our teams and athletes.”

The funds are set to be distributed by a vote of the Booster Board and each BVHS team will be eligible for between $1,000 and $3,000. The only stipulation is that the coaches complete a short questionnaire advising the Board as to how the funds will be used.

Buckeye Valley Athletic Boosters, a non-profit community and parent volunteer organization, provides support to enhance the student-athlete experience at BV. The BV Athletic Boosters have contributed nearly a million dollars over the last 30 years to support the continued growth of BV athletics.
Commit $40,000 in from of COVID Relief Supplement

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