Cooper to continue on Sunbury Village Council


Cindi Cooper was appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Sunbury Village Council earlier this month.

“During council’s executive session held on Jan. 6, candidates for the vacant council seat were interviewed,” the village posted on Facebook. “Following the session, all candidates were thanked by Mayor (Tommy) Hatfield for their willingness to serve the community. Council President Joe St. John made the candidates not selected aware of the four seats that would be open for election in November 2021 and encouraged all to stay involved with the community. Again, congratulations, Ms. Cooper!”

Cooper, her husband, and children have lived in Sunbury since 2013.

“Cindi is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training, and Bachelor of Science in Management,” the village website states. “Since 2009, Cindi has focused on being a wife and mother.” She is also active as a small group leader at the Vineyard Church of Delaware County.

In 2019, Cooper was one of the members of the Sunbury Charter Commission, which drew up a charter to be used as the village becomes a city following the 2020 U.S. Census. The next year, she was appointed to council to fill Leonard Weatherby’s seat.

Weatherby, who had been mayor of Sunbury for 17 years and a councilman for 13 years, retired in 2019. He passed away on Dec. 15, just before his term would have expired.

“As a member of council, Cindi sits on the following committees: Big Walnut Local School District Board of Education, Parks and Recreation, Information Technology, Facility Development, and Finance.”

Along with Cooper, Hatfield and St. John, Damin Cappel, Martin Fisher, Tim Gose, and Dave Martin also serve on council.

In other news, Sunbury is seeking bids for mowing services. Bids will be received at the Sunbury Municipal Building until Wednesday, Feb. 17.

Three places require grass cutting: Sunbury Memorial Park at 600,000 square feet, Sunbury Square at 110,000 square feet, and the Administrative Building at 8,000 square feet. The village estimates 26 to 36 mows per season, along with fertilizing, aerating, broadcasting seed and weed control.

By Gary Budzak

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